With burgeoning production and growing estimates of recoverable oil in the Bakken formation, it’s increasingly apparent that North Dakota oil is going to be key to any effort by the U.S. to moderate oil costs and develop some kind of cushion against supply and price shocks from foreign suppliers. I decided to look up a few historical articles about North Dakota oil to find out more about it and get some context for the current North Dakota boom.

I formed this blog to reprint the articles, and also point visitors toward some news resources on what’s happening in North Dakota oil today (look at the links category to the right for that). Once I’ve reprinted the articles, I do not plan to talk about current events in the industry on this blog. I don’t live in North Dakota, I’m not in the oil industry: this material just seems worth gathering so that people outside the industry will have the chance to learn a little more about the North Dakota oil boom and why it’s happening.


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  1. Todd Anderson says:

    I am writing a research paper on the ND oil boom and this blog has a lot of great stuff. Do you have a list of sources or links to the site where you gather this information from? I would like to get to the original works if possible. Any assistance you can provide would be great.
    Thanks again for pulling this together.

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